• DISPLACEMENT OF ANIMALS AND HUMANS, Pogon Jedinstvo; Scene Ribnjak, 2018

‘Displacement of Animals and Humans’ is performance about different kind of displacements, mobilities and migrations of humans and other animals. Performance explores touch points of animals and humans migrations. The central scenic sign is a foot, or hoof, as an archetype of displacement. Through the modifications of the clips of “cultural” and “natural”, the performance space is marked, fulfilled, and once again erased by the arrival of a new protagonist (mouflon/post-tourist; gorilla/psychoanalyst).

Displacement of animals in performance is connected with the habit of many animal species of moving inside their habitats or of travelling, during migrations, to different biotopes, often considerable distances apart. Animal displacements usually follow circadian rhythms and are related to the necessity of finding breeding, resting and feeding areas. Displacement of humans in performance is connected with travel culture or mobilities as contemporary paradigm in the social sciences that explores the movement of people, ideas and things, as well as the broader social implications of those movements.



  • ‘(F)LYDOWNS-THE SWARM INTELLIGENCE, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, 2016